Monday, January 31, 2011

As I lay dying

As I approached my house at the end of eleven miles, I let my legs collapse and fell to the wet grass. The sky seemed even brighter, as if someone over-saturated a photo and carefully tucked it behind the clouds. I suppose the sparkling floaters in my vision helped to abstract the moment. It has been too long since I ran in the sunshine and I must admit, I may have taken it a little overboard on the speed and mileage. I felt my heartbeat slowly retreating back into my chest. The sensation in my legs finally began to resemble pain after miles of heavy emptiness.

I laid there, simply remembering to breathe, trying to catch any whisper of oxygen that might remain.





And as I lay dying, I let go.

I stopped fighting what was inevitable, what had to come.

That doubtful girl, worried, sickly, scared, overwhelmed, the one that wanted to quit long before the final mile.... I left her lying there. I had no need for her anymore.

That pain, in that exhaustion, I am so very alive. I can only hope the afterlife is half as good as this.

In my place,


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