Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yes I Can

Jack is my inspiration. I cannot run for a little while longer. But no matter what, I have inspired my children to run. Not only to run, but to do what they thought they could not. Jack doesn't even think about himself as a sick kid in anyway. He doesn't care that he is severely hypoglycemic. He just is a runner. One that breaks his own PR every week. One that doesn't care who finishes ahead of him, only that he finishes. Jack never thinks "I can't". He knows he can and he does. And he does because he saw me do. I set that fire and I lead with my actions and words. This is a place I have never been happier to lead.

With my body keeping me on rest, I know I will lead again soon and that gets me through. I know that my "I can" is that I can heal. I can survive this. And I can get back to the streets soon, running with Jack again. I may not be around as much the next few weeks as they schedule surgeries and possibly more chemo, but I'll be here as much as I can. And when I can't, Jack will be leading as I have taught him. Reminding you that you have no excuses... we can, you can.

In health,

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