Thursday, January 20, 2011

And it begins....

I'm back and you missed me. :) I am officially released from my doctor as of today and am ready to head back into life.

I never shared my new goal with you... left you hanging didn't I? Well, wait no more. Join in if you dare. New Goal: Triathlon. Not only a triathlon, but to successfully complete a competitive triathlon before the end of this summer. Next goal: Full marathon before the end of the year. Last goal: to thrive as a vegan athlete, everyday.

So who's with me? Who dares to join on any of the three goals above? I will be traveling for the end of the year marathon and am thrilled to help anyone interested in going with me... I have a plan, it works. No excuses. I lost nearly 80 lbs last year and went from being winded climbing the stairs to running 13 miles with ease. Change is good. Choose it.

I am starting with my workout reporting: P90x (we have a love/ hate relationship) and a run, everyday except Sunday. Sundays will be a day off to recover my muscles. Truly, I will take the day off. In addition to these, I will also be doing spinning and swimming laps to prepare for the tri.

Next, I will be sharing my meals: all vegan, almost all homemade. I cannot tell you enough how wonderful I feel since I changed to a completely vegan diet. So you get to hear about it, and try out a few delicious things, despite your reluctance.

Finally, I will of course venture off into my mental healing and share with you my triumphs and struggles.

So it's back to everyday... With more to share, even more happiness than before, and plenty of tools for you to succeed with me.

Join in. Life is great here.

In training,

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  1. SO happy for you, Beth! I think your goals look like fun. :)