Saturday, June 12, 2010

Do what comes naturally

So while I'm hurting, I decided to add another soccer league to my weekly schedule. You know why? Because I love to play...

Isn't great when life can be that simple? You find what you love, and you do it.

We give up such loves as we age. We forget how we loved to run, how we ran down the street to meet our friends, ran around the playground, chased boys (or girls), ran the bases, or towards the ball just because it was there. All of us, at some time, loved to run. We didn't think of it as a chore; it wasn't hard. We didn't consider the why in it, we just did it. Running is natural for our bodies and it connects us to the happiness in life. Naturally we are made to move. Make your body happy again. You can. It is that simple. Your body will adapt, and life will fill your lungs once more. Imagine breathing in so purely, as you did as a child, and feeling that laughter once again in your soul.

Let go, and let it run.


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