Friday, June 18, 2010

A love story

I am ran 10 miles this morning. Got to see the sunrise, a few good friends I passed along the way... the world was peaceful except for the runners. I had time to reflect a little today, to think a bit deeper than usual. The funny thing is, the only thing I could think about today was my husband. I tried to think about what I needed to do this weekend, where I am in my training, all the things cluttering my mind because I have done so little this week in regards to my school and businesses... but I just kept wandering off. 

It was fantastic though, to get to remember the little things long forgotten about when we met. The little moments that happen when you fall in love. I got to have an "in flight" movie this morning, staring the greatest love story ever told. :) I am handing over the controls to my running thoughts again to let my mind do what it needs to do. My best runs happen when I am not in control.

In happiness,

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