Thursday, June 10, 2010

I hurt my self today... to see if I still feel.

I hurt. Every inch of my body is sore. I went through a few weeks of self pity, and exhaustion, but since none of you remembered to call me out on it, I pushed my own ass out the door and got going again. Sometimes, you have to remember that your goals are ultimately your responsibility; and more times, I have to be reminded of that. I can't rely on anyone else to get my goals done. It is time for me to dust off the mounding pity and get moving again, everyday. This is day four of running this week, day three of weights, and day one of soccer. I have dropped the five pounds that snuck back on and I am back on the wagon. And I am aching. Aching to do more and aching from doing too much.

In happiness,

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