Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Amazing Race

My original goal for this journey was to run a 5k every weekend this year, either in a race or on my own. Well, I have met that goal so far, and even blown it out of the water. I run a minimum 5k distance at least five days a week. That is something I wasn't expecting. The other goal was to write on this blog everyday during this journey and share my triumphs and struggles. Well, as we all know, that goal has only been partially met. I have written, everyday, even on those days that said vacation or sick, and on the days where nothing appears, especially lately. The days of silence are not because I've been slacking, or even uninspired. I have learned on this journey that some things are just for me. I have my own growing to do too and all of my struggles don't belong to the world. It is okay to carry a few on my own.  But I still write, and maybe some of them will be shared. As writing, and reading, is simply a way for people to feel less alone.

However, this past week has been hard for me to write. I am so overwhelmed by the training schedule that my first thoughts are to post "Don't ever, ever want to do a marathon or train for one". Yes, I have written this title many times this week. And subsequently erased it. I find myself completely torn between the added stress of the schedule looming ahead and the joy of pushing myself to accomplish such a feat. It is amazing to be in the moment of a long run and feel that exhaustion start to set in, only to realize you have to double this in a few more weeks. Yes, amazing is the world. A word defined as to overwhelm with surprise or sudden wonder. A word with synonyms such as astound, stun, and dumfound. Yes, dumfound is also the word.

It amazes me that I have chosen this journey. It amazes me how much love I have found along the way. And it amazes me that I am still standing, stronger than ever, and still wanting more.

In the amazing race,

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