Friday, September 17, 2010

Hollowed Grace

4:30 am start. 13 miles. Pace training and speed drills.

Then my day began, which in itself was a workout. It is nearly 9 pm and this is the first time I have sat, and had peace. The pain in my legs has numbed as I passed the fatigue level and have moved on to hollowness.

Nothing hurts now, nothing is even sore. I am just outside myself looking in, so feeling would be impossible. I am sure when I do feel again, I'll be proud of my day. Despite reaching a level of exhaustion that consumes your entire body and leaves you empty to your core, I did accomplish happiness before this extreme. At this moment, I think I've been enlightened, understanding that this lack of emotion is the peace in life. The happiness before the crash, the crash before the peace. The exhaustion of all that you are, rewarded by transcendent rest.

Again I find the run reflecting life, teaching what I never knew I'd needed to learn. Again, I am thankful for the gift. I am appreciative of the grace.

In peace,


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