Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'll go first.

With everything going on in the world right now, especially regarding religion, I couldn't help but focus on it today in my run. Running is a very spiritual event, whether you're praying for world peace or for lightening to strike you down in the pain of those last miles, it's a simple, spiritual event.

Deep into thought, I cannot help but wonder when it was that man became God. When did man become the judge, the creator, the leader, and the all? I must have missed that day, skipping church again I guess.

I don't know much about the world. I haven't traveled the globe or even studied it much. I'm one of those people that lives where they're born forever, with family and friends I've never known life without. But, in my tiny space on this earth, I know for certain a few simple things. I know the world is round. I know the sky is above me and a hardened earth is at my feet. That the sun shines on each of us;  the stars dance for any of us that slow our gait to see. I know the air I breathe is shared, freely, with people of all races, colors, ethnicities, and religions.

 I know that there is a difference between race, color, ethnicity and religions. And I know that right and wrong was long ago confused with self-efficacy.

In my space of peace, my space where exhausted legs rhythmically pound the pavement of roads less traveled, I understand. I simply feel.

Empathy, acceptance, and grace abide out here. I do not know who provides this calming grace; I do not know where it comes from.  I do know that it exists within me and I am better for it. I am more humane from it.

What else I don't know is which man-written, man-edited, man-created religious book is correct, or if they all are in the simplest way. I do know that religion, in it's foundation, no matter which one is taught or learned, exists in it's simplest terms to make the most people feel less alone.

Can we be any farther from that purpose, that common thread of acceptance? Someone has to be forgiving. Someone has to be honorable, accepting, and loving. Someone has to make a path of forgiveness that truly does what is so hard. Until we find grace enough to lead without judgement, without hate, without motive beyond peace, this will never end.

I am just one person, one American, one runner. I am not the views of the few, nor the masses. I am just a person that loves you, whatever you believe. I believe in you no matter what you love. I respect your freedom, your religious beliefs, your history and your future. I do this regardless of your thoughts of me. I do this regardless of your choices. It is not always easy, and it is not always fair. I choose to believe in what is innately right. And I may be alone in that, as alone as I am on this road... but wouldn't it be nice if we all were to err on that side.

I'll go first.

In front,

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