Thursday, September 2, 2010

Big Enough

I have the drive. I have the desire. I don't have the health. I've been banned from the road for a few days. My maintenance drugs aren't as affective in fighting when I get a cold... and apparently my cold loves the weakened immune system and is headed straight for my lungs. So my Doctor has set some non-negotiable rules for the next few days. I'll play nice and follow the rules, for now.

I just ask this of you. Go for a run for me. You have the ability to go out there, step onto that asphalt and find who you are.... feel that wind beneath your feet, the crisp fall air in your lungs. Start a new addiction. Feel what it is to be alive. Step outside of your glass shelters and exist in the moment. Appreciate your health and feed it, fuel it. Is there really an excuse big enough to keep you from this? Is there any excuse big enough to waste the gift?

In recovery,

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