Monday, August 30, 2010

And I thought it was me teaching him...

My son, Jack, went to his first Cross Country practice today. He has a bad cold and is on Benadryl. Last week, on Monday, he had his first blood sugar episode of the school year... on day two. He hasn't had the best health the past two weeks, but he went anyway. No question. No conversation. He wanted to go and didn't once ask to skip it. He finished the practice, worn down to the bone. He finished third from last, as he told me as soon as he entered the car, disappointment all over his face... I couldn't have been more proud. He showed up. He ran his ass off. And he didn't whine. He didn't go to the coaches and give excuses or ask for special treatment, or an easier day. He pushed harder than I've ever known anyone to push. He finished a hard hour and a half practice, no excuses. He did this with a body that isn't on board lately, and a fuel system in that body that doesn't burn as it should.

My son is amazing. He truly is amazing.

I reminded him that he wasn't 77th out of 80, but that he was 77th out of 400 kids in the school that were invited to try out today and...320 of them didn't even have the guts to show up. And tomorrow I'm certain his number will get better, as more and more won't have the determination to step out there again and push their way to the finish line, along with his own body adjusting to the work and taking him to his goal. I never excused any part of the effort for him. And he never did for himself... he just packed his bag for tomorrows practice and smiled.

In pride,

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