Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What about me

If you've made a promise to someone, you hold to it. What kind of a man does not honor his word?

If you've committed to someone, you hold to it. You didn't have to commit, it was your choice.

If you've mastered an art, use it. You don't waste a gift.

If you have a job to do, do it. Twenty other people are outside your door waiting for their chance.

If you offer to help, follow through.
If you believe it to be, then it is.
If you want it to be, then make it happen.

If you'd never think of ignoring, abusing, wasting, cheating, hurting, or abandoning someone else, then give yourself the same respect.

Pay attention to what your body needs.
Take care of yourself.
Believe in yourself.
Stay with it.
Get the job done.

In focus,

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