Friday, August 13, 2010

My morning run

I run so early in the morning that the sun doesn't even come up by the time I finish. It is darkness, but a fresh new darkness sweetened by the morning dew and lifting the fog of the past. It is a beautiful time, although lonely and terrifying. My own resilience is all I have to keep me going, to keep on the path. I suffer through the fog that remains, as it takes a piece of each labored breath. It clouds the road ahead of me and I trust each step in strength, believing the road will rise to meet me, knowing my steps are solid. The sweetness of the dew cools my sweaty brow, it lessens the furrow and eases the earned lines on my face. A sweet, fresh chill of the new day renews my drive, hydrates my soul. I push through the darkness, through the heat, through the fatigue. I do not rest. I do not stay. Each morning I face the darkness so I may live in the each day in the light.

In strength,

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