Wednesday, July 28, 2010

All these things are not as small as you are.

Amazing sunrise this morning. My love of running couldn't be stronger right now. No struggles, no worries, no pains. I just get to enjoy it.  I have an amazing group of people surrounding me, encouraging me, and pushing me forward. The best thing I ever did was make the hard choices, go through the hard times, and get to here. I cut the fat, in more places than just my waistline. I am blessed to be here, but it shouldn't be so significant that I have this. Everyone should have this. I did not fall into this situation. I made changes. Changes in me and changes in who I let in my life. I cut out the excess baggage and let the Cling-ons find other victims to suck the life out of...

If the people around you can't support you, can't be kind to you, encouraging, happy for you... get new friends. Get a new family while you're at it. You can choose your family. If you're surrounded by negative people that bring you down, cut them out of your life in every way possible. If you accomplish something you are excited about and they put it down, realize that no matter what they say, they're not just joking, they're a pain in the ass that you don't need. These people are toxic.  It is very freeing to stop the negatives, stop the drama, and stop the excuses. All the small things these people do add up to big loses for you. Take your power back.

It's not easy, but change never is...

In happiness,

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