Sunday, July 11, 2010

I am happy here

14 miles! I can't believe it was just 6 months ago that I was learning to run even two blocks. I wanted to be able to run a 5k, which is now just my warm up. I am so excited to be sharing this with my clients now. It is a bit exhausting, as you can tell by the lack of personal blogging lately, but, I am finding balance. Even managed a short vacation with my family.

I have started a LOSE IT ALL Challenge for my clients and anyone else who wants to lose weight and get motivated. As always with me, it is a life changing program that digs deeper than the surface fat. I dare someone to tell me there are no issues laying beneath their surface of fat. This program is cheap, you earn money back when reaching goals, and it is simple. Best of all, I am participating. I still have about 40 lbs to lose and haven't worked as hard on it as I should. And now I am!

So... the challenge today is to put it out there to friends and family and strangers and let them know that I am on a path of change... and it won't ever go back to what it was. I have been on this path since the beginning of the year, but this is even bigger.

You don't have to join me on these changes. I am choosing healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle because I am saying NO to more disease, misery, fat, sadness, depression, and all other problems that I have created for myself by my lifestyle habits. I won't be joining you for dinner out, or grabbing a bite because it's convenient... I won't be celebrating with food, drinks, or dessert. If you make a fantastic fatty meal, I respectfully decline joining in. I have a goal, I have dreams to fulfill and all of those require me to make better choices. I have to say no to you so I can say yes to the rest of my life.

I will be happy to join you for a walk in the park, or a healthy meal at home. I'll even join you for a glass of water at your celebration. I so love all of you for your understanding and support. You don't have to get on this boat with me, but please don't push me overboard or hold me on the docks with you.

I am happy here. And that has been a long time coming.

In the boat,

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