Saturday, May 22, 2010

Beauty is a beast

I do not see beauty in the same way others do. I don't have a politically correct view of everything as you may have noticed, and I don't feel everyone is beautiful just because God made them. Fate didn't deal you a good or bad hand and no prior life caused you to do look or behave in any manner in this life. The models on magazine are not what we should measure against, nor are the hookers on TV. Nope. There are ugly people in this world and too many of them fill our heads with ugliness. Now don't get me wrong, our midwest bellies and fat bulges are not beautiful either. Hygiene and health do factor in, but they don't define actual beauty. Sitting in your car at a stop light shoveling in food is not beauty. Starving yourself is not beauty. Smoking is not beautiful and mysterious, it is repulsive.  We've established my lack of filter, so if that offends you, well, you can figure you're probably on that ugly list. And it is just my opinion, although I'm right.

I have paid attention, close attention, to what it is that turns me off. I started keeping track of what makes me notice the lack of beauty in someone. And I notice every undercut chin, unshaven eyebrow, large ears, overweight, underweight... well, you get the point. I am an extremely sharp visual person. But it isn't the physical attributes that make people ugly necessarily, and it's not their personality faults either.

I only see beauty in strength. Someone that is strong, physically and emotionally, is beautiful. And beauty is something we should strive for and desire. You should not feel ashamed for wanting to be beautiful. Being beautiful does not make you vein, it makes you strong. Beauty isn't something you can claim for yourself to make you feel better. It isn't something you can take away from someone else to limit their threat to you or a relationship you aren't strong in. When there is strength in courage, confidence, love, happiness, there is beauty. Where there is strength in endurance, determination, motivation, sweat, and tears, there is beauty.

If you show your strength, you are beautiful to me...

Beauty is earned, and just as all things worth having, it isn't easy.

Earn it.

In the mirror,

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