Monday, May 31, 2010

In memoriam

I got up early today and ran the sunrise. I ran through the silence on the streets on a holiday morning, taking with me only the memories of my friend. I remembered his sacrifice. I remembered his choice. I acknowledged my ability to run these streets freely. I do not have to cover my face; I do not have to be afraid. I do not have to ask for permission.

I do get to feel the breeze on my skin and the wind in my hair. My children can choose their futures; I can choose mine. From the route I run, to the place I live, to the people in my life, I am free to choose and free to live.

I ran past the memorial, stopped for a few minutes to stand by his name. All I could do was stand by his name... I couldn't hug him, talk to him; I couldn't lean on him to feel better.

 I couldn't be with him, but I could keep him with me.

I walked back to the street and returned to my day, the brilliant sunrise of another day given to me through their sacrifices. I ran the route back home, enjoying the noise as the rest of my neighbors began their days... a day of endless opportunities.

Thank you John, for everything. I love you forever.

In memoriam,

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