Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I am not a quitter

I struggle everyday with motivation. For me, I can easily go right back into bed and sleep through the tough times that I face now. Close the curtains and bury my head. The one thing I promised I would never be is a quitter. I watch the people around me give up, all the time. They bury their heads under the blankets, close their eyes tight and shut down, bury it in a bottle, a food binge, a bitchfest, or even a handful of pills. I refuse. I refuse to let the sadness take me. I refuse to let life overwhelm all that I am...  I am not a quitter. A bed, a couch, the TV is a drug, as strong as any other. I shake it from my back, I stand up from it, and I face what ails me. I face the sadness and conquer it, everyday. And it is a battle that never ends; I am not a quitter.

In strength and salvation,

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