Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When the rain comes...

This evening I took my kids for a run in the rain. The sky was bright orange and the rain was cold against the heat of the day. We took off towards the sunset in a downpour, giggling the whole way. My youngest lead the pack with his six year old energy at an all time high. The twelve year old followed behind, worrying the little one would get too close to the street. I watched from a little ways back as they discovered the amazement of the moment all on their own. They splashed and ran and wiped the raindrops from their eyes. The sunset was perfect with the steam rising from the streets in the glow. It was one of those nights you only get a few times in your life. By the end of the run, we had all stripped down to bear feet and ran through the puddles. Shoes in hand, we walked the slippery hill back home in the dark. Feeling our way through, and holding hands when we needed a little safety net, we finished the two miles soaking wet and muddy but with bright smiles gleaming in the porch light.

I took advantage of the opportunity to teach my kids that nothing is more beautiful than the world around you. I want them to remember that there isn't a TV show, or video game, or self pity moment that is big enough to drown out the beauty of this life. I want them to know that the storms can be a wonderful thing. It isn't only sunshine that brings moments worth remembering. The rain can challenge you, the storms can scare you, but never be afraid to run through it. Open your eyes, breathe in that sweet air, and take a step out into the downpour. Run in it, feel all those emotions life hands you and keep moving forward.

There is nothing more beautiful than a run in the rain on a hot summer night.
Nothing is bigger than that.

In the glow,


  1. So glad you could get out and share the magic of playing in the rain with your boys. :)