Monday, April 5, 2010

Bring your own puke bucket.

I am returning to what I love. With some heartache and sadness, I've decided to move away from what I worked so hard to build the past two years because my dreams and happiness lie elsewhere. I've done a lot to take care of others, and put them first, now I'm putting my heart into my own happiness. By the end of this month, I will be doing what I love again... and I am happy with my choice.

Getting up off my ass and running, exercising, changing my diet, is not only changing my waistline, it has changed my life. I have the desire and drive to get things done again. I have the faith in myself to let go and see what I love, find my way. I am so grateful for that...

Enough with the sweetness though, back to my point...

I am going back to personal training. I loved it before, got away from it, and I find it is where I thrive. Someone once said that when you find a job you love that you never work a day in your life. I love running. I love working out. I love Arbonne, organics, nutrition, and motivating people...  I love to coach, and I love to help... so that's what I'm going to do. I am going to work on sharing my drive with others and helping them reach their goals too... even though I'm only half way to mine! There are no excuses for not doing what you love, now.

So here are the rules for my clients (which I already have begun to take... my final license test to renew is at the end of the month so get in fast before I'm booked!!) in case you'd like to follow along and use some of the rules for your journey:

1) You must have a medical release.

2) You must keep a food journal. If you eat it, claim it, make it worth it. When  I read it back to you in the middle of your hardest cardio... will it fuel you or add to your puke bucket?

3) You must take your measurements and weight, then only weigh every two weeks, measure every four. If you weigh outside of these times, I will write QUITTER on your forehead in black marker, because you will not succeed and you will not finish, might as well save you and me the time.

4) You must do homework on your days off. If you are not educated, you are not liberated. And homework includes studying how quickly you sweat out two pounds in one session from the at home workout time.... And you do have time for this, if you have excuses in your head already, you probably need help the most.

5) You must have written goals: A weekly goal, Monthly, and a big picture goal.... a weight is not a goal.

6) If you miss a session, you will still pay full price and be thankful I didn't charge you double. I reserve the right to charge you double for putting up with your lazy ass.

7) Bring your own water, towel, and sunscreen. You will be laying out, soaking wet, but it will not be from the pool or tanning.

8) Do not cry. I hate crying; It is stupid... if it is hard, get mad and work harder. I have special ears that can't hear whining....Yes this hurts. Think of Pavlov's dogs, only pain makes the doughnut taste like shit. It trains you to save your own life.

9) If you didn't puke, you didn't work hard enough. Bring your own puke bucket, every time. And if it's full, dump it and get back on the treadmill. Bone popping through the skin is not an injury, it is just a need for duct tape, so don't even think of claiming injury as an excuse. (True injuries will be acknowledged and alternative workouts can be used., it is not a way out).

10) You will not get injured... we will work in a manner that your body can handle. Your brain may not believe it, you may not believe it, but you will succeed. You will have the best life you've ever imagined.

In demand,

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