Thursday, April 8, 2010


I will make this brief.

Today we officially decided to close our restaurant, tomorrow. Every emotion possible is going on at once. I would be happy to stuff my face full of food and bury all the crazy, but instead went for a run, and a walk, then a little reflection, now on to moving forward.

I am off to bed, with my alarm set for 4 am... with my running shoes and clothes ready to go. Starting my day with some personal training clients, giving me a great start to what will be a hard day...  I will go through this very difficult transition with my head on straight and my feet flying! And for those on the training schedule for tomorrow with me, be prepared to push harder than ever before. I'm focused... anything is possible.

In closure,

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  1. I hope that this closure offers you and your family more peace and time with one another. The decision couldn't have been an easy one, but you come from strong stock and I know that taking this difficult step will only make you stronger. Hugs to my favorite Beth.

    How did I not know that you are a personal trainer? I have SO many questions for you!!