Sunday, April 25, 2010

Change is gonna come

Change is gonna come.

1) Tomorrow I empty the store/ restaurant. By the end of the week, all will be complete. End of an era, beginning of a life!

2) I am swearing off of being the fixer. Yes, now. No longer the fixer. Fix your own damn problems. (ok, not everyone, just a few people have to fix their own... maybe)

3) Clean eating is back baby. No more of this crap to get me by. Food is fuel!

4) Former employer: no more Mrs. nice guy (ok, so Jeff is still nice and I am still his Mrs... but you get the point), time to pay up and shut up. You stepped on the wrong toes and have been in my life way too long. It's coming to an end and it's not in your favor.

5) Running is back on. Shin splints are better, Garmin is charging, and heart is ready to go.

6) If you screw up, clean up your own mess. I am now also removing myself from the role of cleaner. Retired.

7) Loving is back on. I love you, and I love you, and I love, well maybe not you, and...

8) Dogs, I am sorry I disappeared for the last two years. Fetch and catch is back and a trip to PetsMart, no shots this time!

9) Clean house is coming to my house... getting a dumpster, dumping the clutter, dumping the stuff. Time for a clean slate. Less is more.

10) Health, I'm feeling good and it's time to stay that way. Less stress, less meds, less junk, less baggage.

This week will be difficult, and then on to the life I've worked so hard to achieve.

In the last tenth,

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