Sunday, February 14, 2010


Ok. So I'm late again. But if you haven't been to sleep yet, isn't it the same day?

Somedays, all the work is worthwhile. What a great evening... those that missed it, well, you missed it! We didn't close down the restaurant till one. The people at the bar next door wanted to be at our party! Thanks to all the 40+ people that made tonight so awesome. A 6 course meal, a six hour success... at least for the bravest of us.. and especially thanks to Mom, Donny, Mary, and Dad for such an incredible meal! Back to blog world, I am so appreciative of the peace of this evening. Just happiness and joy, sharing good food with friends, new and old. Random people purchased tickets to our intimate dinner event and these random people left as friends, with each other and us. Good people still exist in this world.. sometimes we forget about the importance of community, or even what that feels like. I know the pictures of this evening's event will say more than any words could do justice.

Tonight I did another thing.. with the help of some tasty wine that my friend so graciously brought... I sang. I am not a good singer, but I love to do it. Fear has kept me from doing it. And a little wine goes a long way in helping that fear... what am I afraid of?.. now that I think of it, I don't know. I guess not being good at something. But I have always wanted to sing, especially to sing with my Dad. I did discover the musical talents of so many friends, and the dancing skills of us backup girls! I am enlightened and exhausted. Fear doesn't have any place in our wants... If you want to do something, do it. I sang Unforgettable with my Dad this evening. Good or bad in tone, lyrics, or notes, we were awesome. Never miss these chances out of fear. And one other moment, I got to sing Dinosaur, my favorite song, with my closest friend... I got to make a new memory with that song that ranks just as precious as the memories made with a friend I miss so fiercely every day. Only she could be there with me, after struggling through my struggles, holding me up when I'm down, being my strength when I have none left. We don't get these moments too often, these friends are two few and can be taken away so quickly, and families strength sometimes is for only so long.. Fear will not keep me from my life. Not my weight, not my freckles, not my crackling voice... I own this life now, with a little help from my friends.

I will be focusing on love today. (Since it is already Valentines day) and I will be running a 5k on this day of love. I will do it on my own, reflecting on what love has given me. My husband has given me so much, he alone will take up two miles at least!  No better reason to spend the day with those I love, doing what I love, and loving life for every snow filled second of it.

But first I will sleep, for at least in the blog world, it is still yesterday.

~In love,

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  1. We love you so much!! Thanks for a great great great evening! We all need to get together more often. Becareful running your 5k in the snow today and leave the Gazelles alone (at least until March 18th)!