Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One of those faces...

I hit the shower after my run and can't help but notice this stranger in front of me as I am getting out. One of those faces I guess... Everyone kept saying hello to her; I noticed her workout had been interrupted quite a bit too. She was definitely exhausted but she put on a good show to everyone that came around.  Straight out of the shower, her legs looked like she she'd been beat. Light cellulite dimpled her thighs above rather square knees and calves. She had something beautiful about her, but it is hidden under wear and tear. She seemed unsteady on her feet as she leaned in to examine her face. I can tell she was struggling with the flaws not so elegantly glowing in the harsh lighting. Under her eyes there were dark circles, just short of a black eyes. Their pale color made it impossible to ignore the light that is missing within them, although I thought a little glimmer was starting to push through. She leaned back and straightened her form, sucking and tucking with hopeful expectations. Wrapped in her towel, she looked so weak and ragged.

Once she got dressed, she seemed to have pulled it together for another round of good show. Her make-up routine covered the weariness the clothes couldn't. All in all, she looked like everyone else. I still cannot place where I have seen her or who she is.. I just know that I know her.

I want to give her my strength, my hope, my courage to fight back into my life. But I can't just go up to her and say, "Hey. I noticed you look run down and lost. I want to help you! I'm great and feel wonderful and beautiful. It's going to get better!"

It would seem strange for me to talk to the mirror that way.


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