Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You give me fever...

I'm no longer used to being sick. I am getting used to being healthy. I don't get the colds everyone else has and my immune system is finally pretty happy. You know why? Because I no longer sit on my ass doing nothing, ever. This is why it hurts so much more to report: I have a fever. I know! It sucks. I am a big baby too. I hate fevers... a lot. I am not tolerant of this; I do not have patience for it; and I really wanted to try out my new Road Warriors sweatshirt. The ice finally starts melting on the streets and my body temperature starts melting my resolve...

I will not be heading out for my evening run this Wednesday night since even the thought of air hitting my skin hurts. I will be doing something just as important as running, sleeping. If we don't rest and heal, we can't run and grow. So I will give myself a break this evening and realize that sometimes I will be sick, and continuing my training will keep these times few and far between.

I can hardly believe that even just a year ago this was expected, normal. Sitting around under a blanket feeling lousy. Wow, my life really sucked. Don't your legs ache when you don't get active each day? Aren't you antsy? Don't you feel stressed? Doesn't everything seem really important and overwhelming? Gosh, I think sitting may give me a panic attack! I truly cannot believe I lived this way for so long. I'd give anything to feel better right now and not have to sit here!!!

So off to take some fever reducer, get a good nights sleep, and set my alarm for an early wake up... I'm considering spinning in the morning since I know my body is stronger than this inconvenience. I am down, but not out..

Okay, time to go. Eyeballs burn a little from the fever...

In pain,

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