Sunday, February 21, 2010

Missing out...

So have you missed me? You can post my blog for Friday and Saturday as feverish, sick, and way overwhelmed for a feverish sick person. But I am not accepting excuses, so I guess I just need forgiveness. I was not enlightened in anyway.

Today I am better, and enlightenment returns!

I wanted to take my son Jack on his first 5k this morning. We have been talking about it for days.. actually, weeks. And in my hectic life schedule of the past week, I mistakenly wrote down the race time as 8 a.m., plenty early to get to my renovating job which I scheduled for 10 am. Turns out the race is at 10 am, and I have my staff arriving at the job site at 10. Why can't I get a break anymore? No matter how organized I get, how many calendars, I just can't seem to keep it all straight. And you know who ends up missing out, my family.

So Jack and I didn't get to run, and actually I haven't seen my kids much all weekend. And the time I've spent with my husband has been in passing. Even at the school event, we weren't able to be together much as circumstances just didn't seem to allow it. I am working too much, over committing my time, and missing out on what matters. I am putting others needs and comforts in front of my own, and I am holding myself responsible for always keeping everyone else happy. In turn, I've made myself miserable.

Sometimes you just can't do everything. My run has been off the books since Thursday because I have let myself go to the back burner. It caused me to get sick, to get frustrated and overwhelmed, and it stops tonight. I am setting my alarm for tomorrow a.m., plenty early to get in a morning run. Nothing to do before it and nothing to get in my way. I have most of the day scheduled down to the minute. But I am removing a few things. I even pressed the delete button on the calendar as I write.

Time to get me back.

In route,

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