Thursday, February 4, 2010

Searching for fuel...

February is all about love... and sleet. The little ice chunks pelted me as I did my big run, all the way from my truck to my front door. I guess the run will have to happen tomorrow morning, as I had predicted last week on my non-enlightened, non-motivated Thursday.

My Thursdays are now going to be food days. I am looking for new recipes, vegan, and sources of nutrition to expand my dining horizons. I am still losing weight, which is great, but I am not building muscle as well as I'd like. I still love my protein shakes. I just ordered the "premade" version to try too for my lazy mornings. No chemicals in the Arbonne ones, even in the ready to drink, which is great. But it's not "food". I'm feeling great, but now eating is an effort. Just finding anything worth eating in the Midwest in winter... ugh.

Help! I do not want something from a cardboard box. I do not want to eat a bright red vegetable-ish substance that is actually a bunch of chemicals glued together to pretend to be a tomato. I do not want potatoes to be my main dish. I do not want another vegetable sandwich full of fake veggies.  

Fuel is still the main goal of everything I put in. I enjoy an occasional dessert or treat, but I am not interested in putting things in the fuel tank that are not useful. Organics are so costly, and I'm still waking up everyday poor. How sad that we can feed our kids deadly foods for a .25 cents and the fruit of life costs 3 bucks... things need to change,

I'm on a hunt for good vegan recipes, great running songs, and a some Thursday enlightenment. But, for now, just a point in the right direction would be great.

Happy hunting.

~In happiness,

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  1. You SO need to come out here! No sleet, great vegan food to be found easily . . . and we can run together. :) I miss you - and reading your blog makes me miss you more! Have you tried Yonder Mountain String Band for some good running music? Check out their website to hear their latest album - very upbeat and great for running/mood altering. :)