Sunday, February 7, 2010

Political in nature...

(Saturdays blog):

I am at the state capitol for a quick little get away with my husband. No kids, no work, just us.

After a little sight seeing once we pulled into town, I couldn't wait to go for a run. That is new for me.  I have always seen vacations as days off, and exercise, especially running, to be work. It wasn't my husband itching to go; it was me. We were checking into the hotel and dusk was settling in. I have worked at the capital a few times, and even been here for business trips and meetings. I am always amazed at the beauty of these old buildings and the grandeur of it all. In every previous trip, I thought it would be neat to be able to run around downtown, on the steps of the capital and through the historic sites. I just never thought I could do it.

As we changed into our running gear, I saw my window for running at dusk getting smaller and smaller. My husband wasn't in a hurry to get out there and I thought I just might miss it. Finally we headed out of the front doors of the hotel onto the ice covered street. Straight ahead of us was the beautiful capital building, glowing in the last moments of sunlight. Once my feet touched the walkway I knew I could run forever. The towering columns at the granite stairway gave perfect shelter from the wind. And to look up, from the feet of the building... just breathtaking.

We continued our run around many of the old buildings, the eclectic shops in the old downtown, even onto some alleyways that probably weren't the best place for strangers to run at night. We didn't pass a single other runner. It is nearly a ghost town this weekend, with all the politicians at home and the locals tucked in from the bitter cold. We did pass the town drunks who cheered "run girl run".A few blocks later we crossed the homeless men thumbing through through books left in the warmth of a store entryway. One man told the other "I know they're hard core, but mother nature took its course… the other man turned out of the cove and onto the street singing the Rocky theme as we pushed on our way.

I can't express the difference in my life since I began this quest, since I journeyed out into the streets with only my running shoes for protection from the hard landings. I would have missed these little moments. I would miss all these sights and sounds that are perfectly in tune when on a run. 

After about 3 miles in the bitter cold, we headed back to our hotel, with one last circle around the capital. This time stopping briefly on the front steps admiring the statue of Lincoln in front of the glowing capital, this time against the dark night sky.

I am in awe of the strong men and women have done great things here.. hopefully we'll find some more to do it again. I recommend mandatory running for all our elected officials. It forces people to take their heads to of their asses and see what's around them.

~In happiness

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