Thursday, February 11, 2010

You gotta have faith..

So it's Thursday, the day I am exhausted to the point of breaking. We all know that a run is not in the works since this is rest day. Rest day... not just for Sundays anymore! If this is my physical rest day, and my feet throb and back aches from exhaustion.. how is it rest? Tomorrow I will wake up, itching to go for a run, ready to take on the world. I guess we know what our body and spirit needs, and it doesn't always have to make sense. Finding a day of rest mentally is just as crucial. So I don't think too hard tonight. I'll give myself extra sleep and a little quiet time.

I wish it were that easy for everything else that doesn't make sense. Maybe it is and we just try too hard to figure it all out. Organized religions exist on that concept. Right or wrong, they exist on faith. You may not understand how, but it can heal you suddenly without logic. Love is the same way. Strangers, opposites, may repel each other and then find happiness in each others arms. Not logical, but no less true. This evening I will set down the logic of it and for once, not try to figure it out. I know I hurt like the world is crushing me muscle by muscle. I also know that I will wake up tomorrow like the world is at my feet, there for the taking.

Faith in my body.
Faith in my beliefs.
Faith in love.

I find this gives me strength, letting me wake up to good tomorrows...

~In Faith,

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