Saturday, February 27, 2010

Half of me

My journey is hitting a wall today, but I will beat it down. I am physically and emotionally drained.

I just wake up somedays wondering where the strength will come from today. And it always appears, from somewhere. Not today. Today it took everything I had to get through it. This whole week has been that way. But I have suddenly realized the problem.

I pull a lot of strength from my husband. He is my biggest fan; he empowers me. If he says I can do it, I believe I can. And when I don't have him in my corner, or at least time with him to tell him I'm in his and remind me he's in mine, I don't have half the strength I need. I am better when I am complete. And with him, I am.

So tonight I am enlightened to spend some time where I should be..  my running gear will lie beside my bed, ready for me in the morning, to return to my journey, full strength.

In love,

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