Tuesday, February 23, 2010

For what it's worth...

Our world is truly beautiful. You don't see it from the clouded glass of a car. It is blurred from your own layers of filth and in the speed at which you ignore it. The burning fuel screams over the whispers of our mother, never allowing us to be close as we should. I ache for those who travel faceless in the cars passing by... only sharing their worth at the value of the label on their transportation.

I see everything clearly for one hour a day, outside the walls of this american lifestyle. The clouds are breathtaking settled above the horizon. Nothing blocks my clear view of what surrounds me. My feet will never travel at such a speed that I can ignore what lies ahead of me, or lose sight of the trail behind me. I am immersed in mother earth, and fueled by her gifts. I hear my own thoughts, my own breath, my own footprints as I place them, each and every one. I am never faceless, wearing my determination and love openly on it. My one simple label reads LIVESTRONG. And that is enough to to share my worth in a passing glance.

Our world is beautiful. I hope you see it, and see it in you, everyday you are blessed enough to still be here.

In spired,

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