Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bad to the bone.

So it's not Thursday, but I'm feeling like I've got a case of the Thursdays...

Running is hard. Somedays I am reminded of that a little too quickly. I have pain in every part of my legs, through to the bones. It even hurts to sit here and type. Yeah, legs.. this is so painful for you to have to just hang from my hips and do nothing.

I ran barely 1.5 miles today... I wanted to run 4. What the hell? Come on body... catch up! Give me something today!

I was thinking I would run the rest of my miles tonight; I was thinking I would be recovered this evening. Instead, my stupid old body is acting like a stupid old body, that's old! Ugh! I am not fueling right, I am not recovering, I am not focused.. this is how we get off track. This how we end up in the car shaking our heads in wonder at the runners on the street while we guzzle sugar and shovel in fries...

I know how hard this is... I know how painful it is... and I know how hard maintaining this is. But I choose it. I can handle the pain of exhaustion physically in exchange for the euphoria of clarity mentally.

Today is frustration. Not panic. Not quitting. Just frustration. I can do this.

In pain,

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