Monday, March 8, 2010

I'll slap you. No problem.

I do too much, anyone ever know that about me? Well, I do. In good form, I went ahead and worked out this morning, ran a good time, and then had a full day of working on all of my many jobs... My kids had good time playing with Mommy tonight and here I am writing my blog. I could have used an extra hour of sleep; I could have used an extra hour to get things done. But, I know that to be the best me possible, I need to get my body moving everyday and give my mind some time to think. It is such a simple choice, and no matter what else you have going on, there is a way to do it. It doesn't have to be running specifically either... it has to be something that moves you, in every way.

I love you all, but please don't tell me why you can't. I am not a superwoman. I have no magic secret to get me where I am that can get you where you want to be... I simply made a choice. I hear each day form many of you wanting to be on the run with me. So please join me! Stop wishing and start doing. If you need someone to snap you out of it, I am happy to slap you across the face... in the most loving way possible. I didn't need someone to tell me how beautiful I am, or how sweet and smart I am... I needed someone to say "what the hell are you doing, you look like death"... because I did, and still partly do. We need to stop lying to ourselves and each other. I don't mean to go up to strangers and say that, but to the people we love, including ourselves. It's time to actually love enough to tell the truth. We are slowly killing ourselves, and our families, our children, with the way we live...  we need to be proactive in changing it!

It isn't easy for me to do this everyday. Despite what your excuse ridden conscience may say, I do know how it feels to not be here and feel hopeless. I know how it feels to wish I could run and lose the sadness. I remember how it feels to want to punch the skinny bitch on TV that said she's been where I am... I remember, and still understand, how hard it is to do this.

So, to make this a level playing field for all, I am upping the ante... I have been hanging here in the 180s for a while now I think I need a boost. I need to push a little harder to get this weight moving again. I am going to actually start cooking, yes- cooking, new vegetarian meals instead of living off of potatoes. I am adding additional weight training and more miles per week. Yes! I am adding more to do! And not because I have so much free time, but because I want something to happen, and I'm going to be proactive at getting it done. I want to continue to share this journey with you, but if you aren't moving, then you're no longer on a journey. You are at your destination, you've arrived. And once you've arrived, you need to be happy with the resulting destination of the route you took. If you're not, do something about it.

Proactive... it's not just an acne ad, it's an actual way of life. Yes, I am new to it too. I want to be proactive in my health and weight instead of dieting to take off the damage, instead of taking meds. I am keeping my butt in gear instead of starting over again after the weight piles back on. I am adding proactive to my personality traits and am applying it to my own life!

I'm tired of good enough... it's time for the best.

In slap happiness,

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  1. "not just an acne ad" - You make me smile! It has taken me nearly a full YEAR, but my Saturday morning trail runs are finally starting to generate runners. I bet you'll get some folks to join you before long. Just keep prodding! I've been sending out WEEKLY emails to 30+ women (the list grows regularly) and I expect 8 to show next Saturday. I'll take it! Keep pushin' on, Beth. You're doing great! But do watch how quickly you up your milage so you don't over-do and become more prone to injury. 10% weekly is the general consensus for the max you should add.