Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Still climbing

(Sorry for the delay.. this post remained somewhere in cyberspace last night)..

I deal with a lot of stress each day... A lot! But I do know that my life could be so much worse. Take last year, for instance, I get told I have cancer. My stepson has one of his worst years to date with his Aspergers issues while living in our home. I had just opened a new restaurant/ store. My husband's great job at a great company became a little less secure with ownership changes. My best friend was going through a terrible time with a marriage. Other friends were suffering from job losses, loss of parents, loss of a spouse, sick kids... It all was overwhelming.

This stress now isn't so bad. I have made some crucial decisions to cut out the negative and bring in the positive. My stepson has bad days, really bad days, but they are much farther apart and there is a lot of hope for him to have a real future if he puts some effort into it. My husband's job is doing okay. He is incredibly smart and driven and even if the job situation were to change, I know he will do what it takes to take care of us. And I know that he is a catch, even for an employer, so that makes it easier for me to take some time to figure my stuff out. My restaurant has found it's footing, as has the store, but I have found mine in knowing that it is not the end of the world if it doesn't work. My friends have worked on the marriage, nursed their kids back to health, mourned their losses, and moved forward. I have found happiness in my decisions. I have my health, and proudly wear the scars of the battle.

So it could be worse... . It could be so much more than it ever was...

There are mountains to climb, and I haven't yet seen the top.

In motion,


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