Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Heaven on Earth

 I was given a moment today. A beautiful, breathtaking moment... I started my run with a mile and a half jog to the Y with my son. There, we met some friends and proceeded to walk a 5k. Jack dropped off as we passed back by home and I finished the walk with my Pappy, my dear friend. After the walk, I went ahead solo and ran the 2 miles back home. Of course, I was running with my trusted beagle, Andi, and she was in heaven as she finally hit her groove. Right about mile one of the loop home, the sun started to set and a cool breeze began to ease my journey. As I ran down a windy road, I looked up just in time to see the evening sun beautifully afire behind the Veterans Monument. I stopped my run, and stood completely still for what seemed like hours. I took it in. I gently walked across the road to the Monument, and the world became so silent. Even Andi became calm and laid gently by the bench as I wondered onto the Monument grounds. I walked immediately to one of the large stone walls reading "Patriotism" and returned to my favorite name. My eyes, as always, immediately filled with tears and my heart pained just a bit. All in sadness, pride, and love intertwined so deeply that they've become one. Nevertheless, my racing heartbeat had calmed, my breathing had slowed and my legs no longer ached. I was in awe of the moment and the beauty. I left a kiss on the wall, a soft "still love you" and returned to the road. My sweet dog was certain to acknowledge my small tear with a gentle lean against my leg, and then a pull on the leash to bring us back to our heaven. I finished my run strong, not even feeling the tiredness of my legs despite the hills and distance. At least, until now, that is...

 I draw my strength form all the love in my life. When times are really hard, I always find myself reminded of the love and strength that others have given me. Especially the love of those who give it so selflessly, and how they unknowingly changed me forever.

In this place,

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