Thursday, March 4, 2010

The walk before the run...

In the still of the room, in the calm of the night, I rest. My mind releases the generalities of the day and the confinements of my roles. I relax the tension of my shoulders, take deep breathes of the cool air, let go of things. In the silence, I am simply me.

This is the walk before the the run. The moment you try to hold onto.. the moment you find peace. It can't happen without the challenge of the run. It can't happen without the dullness of the static pace. It happens always and only when you go from nowhere to somewhere.

This is the breathe before the leap, the curtain before the lights. It's everything in this moment. And I'll hold it through till morning, when the sun kisses my cheeks and  my soul is warmed to run.

In silence,

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