Saturday, March 13, 2010


I'm sorry to have missed you all yesterday. My son has hypoglycemia... the full blown real hypoglycemia, and sometimes he likes to see how badly he can scare his Mom.

Jack's blood sugars drop very suddenly, without warning. Last night he had a very severe episode and the tremors and shaking were terrible. He stayed somewhat alert and we were able to get his sugars back up enough to function. Once this happens though, he's exhausted and scared for the rest of the night. And so am I...

I didn't leave his side the rest of the evening, and he was a little bit afraid to sleep. So we laid on the couch together, his feet stretching way past mine. I didn't worry about doing any of my other jobs for the evening; I didn't even make it to soccer. I did do my best job though. I got to be the only person in the world who could make Jack feel better. I just was his Mom.

So this morning I hover over him like a good Mom does, and he's pushing me out the door to my race. I want to stay with him to make sure he's better... and he wants me to go race, so I'm better.

In strength,

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