Sunday, March 28, 2010

I can't fix it for you.

Some days you can't believe there is enough strength in the world to make things work. Somedays there aren't enough tears to work through the anger, sorrow, or frustration. The rainbows don't come out, the clouds don't lift, and the world keeps spinning. I can go for a run, take some time out with the girls, play with the kids outside... so many ways to make my own rainbows, so many places to find sunshine. What I can't do is make them for someone else. And learning to accept that is my biggest challenge.

This morning I ran a 5k, promoted my race for May, played outside with the kids, did a little work, took some me time and headed out for an evening of fun with the girls. Last night I played soccer, tomorrow morning I'm playing soccer... and with all these blessings, and this clarity, I can't breathe life into those who waste it. I can't bring back those who lost it. And I can't fix it for you. The best I can do, everyday, is choose to not waste the gift.

In between,

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