Friday, March 26, 2010

I did too much, and not enough.

I am human after all. I went to soccer, not feeling my best, and played anyway. After the first two hard sprints, I felt terrible. I subbed out, ten seconds later I was on the floor. The cold overtook my body, the sweat felt like ice. The pressure of the world was pulling me into the ground, the weight too heavy for my eyes to open, too heavy for my chest to breathe in. My husband quickly got me a glucose tab and I managed to avoid passing out. The world slowly lifted and the warmth of my racing pulse brought me back into life. A good ten minutes later, I was ready to play again. Just a little recovery, a little help, and I was back on my feet. A little slow out of the gate, but back in the game none the less. Last week was my best game yet, tonight was a disaster, but with lessons learned, my best games are still ahead of me.

I wasn't prepared tonight. I hadn't fueled my body with what it needs; I hadn't properly prepared for the game. I did too much, and not enough. I couldn't control what was happening, no matter how hard I tried.

I could, however, let someone help me, use a sub, and learn from my mistakes that got me there.

Just like my life.

In conscience,


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