Saturday, March 6, 2010

The stars align...

It is almost here... count down 10 hours till my son, Jack, runs his first 5k race with me. Perfect timing for his first race too, like the stars have aligned. The weather is going to be sunny, near 50. Not too hot for him, and warm enough to not layer. The race is at Toolen's Running Start, the same store I bought my first pair of running shoes many years ago. The same place I just bought Jack his first pair of running shoes. And Mike, the owner, is the ultimate runner. He loves running and his enthusiasm is absolutely contagious. A perfect example of a runners life. Little Jacob will even be there after our race, running his own 1/2 mile kids run. Can I possibly express the pride in my family right now? I started out to do this for myself, and now am able to give my kids this gift, this love. Jack and Jacob's running clothes are at the end of their beds, just as mine are, and tears fill my eyes..

I will do my best to keep Jack calm tomorrow morning. I will do my best to get him safely to the finish line, without smothering him. I will do my best not to cry when he crosses the finish line.

And I will do my best not to hug him too much in front of the other people once he does.

I will not be setting a PR tomorrow, but it will definitely be a personal best.

In excitement,

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