Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Living makes you interesting

I am bruised and scraped and sore. I didn't notice the bruises so much until I worked today, when many guests pointed it out. I used to hate it having to explain my busted vein, or bandage on my neck, or bruises. Just another reminder of why my life wasn't as it should be, and that an illness was not going to let me just live. Today, however, reminded me of how much I love bruises. No longer from blood work or doctors or treatments; not bruised from illness anymore, but health! Soccer isn't a game until the bruises are purple. A run isn't over until I get whipped from a branch or scraped on the curb. Family fun night isn't fun until the pajama pillow fight breaks the... yep, living makes you interesting, inside and out.

Life is good. Go get it.

In living color,

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