Friday, March 19, 2010

Hello, its your second favorite writer, Jack

Today my mom, the loved and well known Beth Spradling got hurt playing soccer two nights in a row, while working a 14 hour shift, 7 days a week, 12 months a year. So while she is incapacitated her son, Jackson, is taking over until she's better. Today was a loss of 5 to zip. If only she wasn't hurt. While our favorite team was losing, borrowing players, I was out with my grandparents and brother watching Les Miserables at the high school. It was amazing, a work of art.  My brother was passed out halfway through the show. At this moment he is still asleep on his bed for the first time in months. Now my mom is wincing in pain at accidentally moving her toe on the foot she hurt today. That must hurt because she is very resilient and if she feels like it, very stubborn. {Teachers, parents, Mom, do not comment, it is the truth.] She is now attempting to walk, or hobble, against my better judgement. She is saying that she doesn't believe in being hurt so she is walking [and wincing].And now as her favorite, Jedi Master Yoda, would say" Good night, have one. Hmm? Hmm? "

In health, 
Jackson, age 12

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