Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lose like Ali

Tonight, we finally got our rematch. Although exhausted from twelve hours on my feet waitressing, my legs throbbing as if I'd already ran a marathon, I headed straight to the soccer field. I could have fallen over from exhaustion before I ever entered the building but nothing would keep me from this game. Especially with no girl subs tonight, I was concerned that I could make it through the first minutes without collapsing. No matter how hard a day it has been, no matter how much pain my body holds, when I step out onto the field and the whistle blows, I want to play. And play I did...

I remembered the anger from the last game. I have returned, weeks later, lighter and faster than before. A bit more worn for the show, but I definitely arrived. They played hard, but I played harder. I did not let them take the ball from me. I out ran and out smarted. I thoroughly pissed them off because I was simply in their way. I even rallied our men into action trying to challenge them into out hustling me. We were able to keep the game within one, despite being significantly out numbered. I didn't play a perfect game, but I held my own. At no point did their team think we were intimidated. They couldn't say we were dirty players or even white trash. We gave them nothing to use, and we made them play. I didn't even need to tackle physically, as foot tackles were more effective and much more gracious for this game. They played well with others tonight, and so did we.

The final score didn't put us on top, but we left the field having won the battle. I enjoyed playing hard, and standing up, even if we didn't get the win we wanted. The other team respected our game, our pride in simply taking it out on the field. And that is soccer game to enjoy.

I would much rather lose like Ali... knowing the opponent may have one, but was better for the fight, leaving the match with an unprecedented respect for the fighter they had to overcome.

In satisfaction,

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