Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Walk away smiling

If I force a smile, it actually makes me happy. When my shins hurt, my knee swells, my quad pulls, I wince in pain and my stride shortens. I start thinking of how to get home. I figure out how to justify quitting. Instead, I force a smile. It changes my run. I start to think of the thousands of body parts that don't hurt and proceed to laugh at my aging body... and I run my full route.

I forced a smile this morning. I didn't go to work and bitch and complain, I went to work and rolled with the punches. When I came home I didn't get mad at the little things, I found what was happy in the moment.

Focus on the positives and your life changes. Not in the cheesy way, but as a fellow miserable moments in life person to another, just try it. It doesn't hurt. I think those late night infomercials should start selling smiles. It is honestly life changing, priceless, and guaranteed. The whole world needs a good kick in the head, and to walk away smiling. Negative people suck. I try hard not to be one anymore.

In sunshine,

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