Tuesday, January 12, 2010

All you need is love....

I love the cold air. I love it! The hill by my house that kicks my ass each day, love it. The car that passes and forces me to hop the curb to the sidewalk when I'm already near exhaustion, love it. The song programmed in my iphone to play right when I know I'll want to quit, the same song that I promised myself I would always run to, no matter what, love it. The neighborhood dog that gets right to edge of the fence barking and growling all four times I pass him, love it. The two little kids three blocks over that  said, "Moms don't run, my Mom said so." love it. The numbness in my toes that remains for hours after my run on the cold nights, love it. The pain in my shins shooting randomly in the afternoon when my mind is anywhere but on a run, love it. The way my kids look at me when I come in from a run, as if I'm the hero, love it. The definition in my legs as I swing them out of bed in the morning, love it. Laying in bed at night reading The Non-Runners Guide to Running a Marathon knowing that I am not a Non-Runner anymore, love it. Changing my life, everyday, love it. Finding out who I am and who I can be, on my terms, in my way, on my time, I love it.

All you need is love..    (bup bup budda ba)


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