Thursday, January 14, 2010

A few deserving souls..

So, where are we at on this journey? I am at the severe shin splint part of the journey today after working 3 double shifts at the restaurant and running in the morning, feeling rushed rather than reflective. No excuses, no whining, so I am sucking it up. You thought I was going there, didn't you... I will not be held back, I will not excuse, and I will not feel sorry for myself! I can do it all. My job is mandatory, but just as high on the priority list is ME. And I am the only thing on that list that doesn't go away.

So, I am also at the "my legs are looking good" phase of the journey. I guess they can't feel good and look good yet. Those two things don't coincide at this phase of training. I am still excited and happy to run. My butt has shrunk significantly, as someone so kindly pointed out this morning. I have more control over my eating craziness too. I am a happy vegetarian, with no intension of rejoining the world of the carnivores. There is plenty to choose from and excellent sources of energy (the point of the food we eat, remember?). You don't have to join me there; it is just a good fit for me. Find a good, healthy fit for you and do it.

How is your fuel doing? Keeping hydrated? Those following along from the couch potato position, go grab a glass of water. It's important for you too!

I did get to visit one of my favorite people today, for a little while. Sitting and chatting just lifted my mood and gave me some much needed normal-ness.  I am a lucky girl getting to have beautiful people in my life. This friendship is a gift my incredible friend left me when he couldn't be here anymore. He keeps leading great people to me through some deeply rooted tracks. And great people are hard to find. When you do, hold on to them. Prioritize this... Those friendships give you everything. Take it in. If you want success in this, or anything, you need people who support you and support your goals. And I don't mean go find a BFF, or any other cheesy - false term of friendship. I want you to truly think of who you need to keep in your life because you are good for each other. I too often find people that need me to rescue them, or need me to fix them, or need me to be worse off than they are to make them feel better. Bad idea! That is how you get to where I was, not to where I am going. Know who you are and where you are in this, and bring only deserving souls with you.

I will be posting the new running schedule tomorrow for those working on the fitness goal. It will be for weeks three and four. If you've just started, the first two weeks schedule was listed earlier in the blogs.

Go walk. Go run. Go swim. Go eat well with friends!

And thanks for the support and encouragement.
My expanded lungs, smaller butt, and kick-ass legs thank you too.

What's your excuse? Go... stop reading this. Put down the electronic device and go do it!

If not for you, than for me.

Go make me proud...

In happiness,


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  1. I'd go run right now, but I already did my run for the day. :) 3 miles tomorrow will put me at my goal for the week - so excited!

    Do something nice for yourself this weekend, my friend!