Thursday, January 21, 2010

Everyday is not a triumph.

Exhaustion kicking in... My 20 hour days caught up to me in my mini run. I couldn't keep going. I have hit the wall... I know all you wonderful people want me to share with you how I tore it down, how I triumphed and you can too; no such luck today. Even your voices couldn't get my legs moving. Today, I am worn down. I am worn out. I am angry for not tearing down the wall. I am hurting from not resting enough, not eating right the past few days. Not eating the wrong foods, but not eating enough because life gets so busy. I am frustrated for not following the simple logic, the basic steps to a good day.

 Everyday is not a triumph. Triumphs involve overcoming challenges and pain. Pain comes with the push. I need strength to push past it. I, like all people, need rest, fuel, and hydration to be strong.
I am not perfect.

I am determined.

I am relentless.

Tomorrow will be better, if I do what is needed today.

Water by the bed, protein shake for the a.m., running clothes ready to go. So I am off to rest, a long nights rest...

 As long as tomorrow comes, I'll have my triumphant return and that wall will crumble at my feet.


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  1. gotta a have a crappy day every once in a while. after all, if it weren't for the crappy days, good days wouldn't mean so much :)