Sunday, January 31, 2010

He runs beside me now...

Today just beats all days. My son, Jack (11), decided he wanted to run with me. There's not a whole lot of one on one time in a family our size and I guess Jack wanted to be with Mommy for a while. Those of you with children should appreciate every moment of their young lives because it goes so quickly and before you know it, their friends and school activities take over. Especially for young boys, Mommy time goes by the wayside. Jack's dad is the lucky one now. He and Jack can bond over video games, oreos, and a good steak. Mommy isn't into any of that. And Dads are just cool at this age. Even my husband Jeff has an easier time relating to Jack than I do. Until today, anyway... Look out gentleman, Mommy's back!

Jack and I took off on our run around 1:00 and didn't end our work out until 3:00, adding some weight lifting to the days events too. As we started to run, I explained to Jack about my goals for the year and that today is my day to run a 5k. I wanted to keep him with me as long as possible, but being more of a book reader than runner, I wasn't sure how far he could go. We headed out on a one mile route, with the YMCA being our target. Jack chatted the entire time, telling me anything and everything he could think of... I learned so much about my son in one, ten minute mile. He even asked me questions about how far I run, how to move his arms, how to breathe.. It was fantastic.

Once we headed to turn toward the Y, Jack wanted to go a little further, knowing he could make it back. He told me he felt better than he's felt in his whole life, and he felt alive. Like his brain was working again and his lungs were breathing better than ever. So down to a hilly road we went, adding another mile to the route. He ran hard the whole time, trying to figure out his cadence as he pushed along. His cheeks were glowing and his smile was bigger than I've seen in years. He chatted through this mile too. Not about video games or books, star wars, or WOW. He told me some jokes, he shared who he really is...

As we approached the Y this time, we only needed one more mile exactly to have run a 5k, and he wanted to finish the run. So into the building we ran and onto the track, counting down the laps until we reached what had now become his goal, a 5k. Twelve and a quarter laps on the outside lane, with a little less talking, and suddenly Jack understood what it means to give it your all for what you want. He even did a little extra to make sure he hadn't missed a step. After we rounded the last lap, he mentioned one other thing, that he was proud of me. He told me I was doing a good job. As much as I wanted to encourage him, he was wanting to do the same for me. My little baby had run beside me, nearly at eye level, keeping up physically and emotionally, and every bit a young man.  No longer my little boy and too big for me to carry. He just runs beside me now, where I hope he'll stay for a long time to come.

My cup runneth over...

~In happiness,


  1. Wow Beth, that is awsome... Just know that we are all proud of you and hope to support you in any way we can while you partake of this adventure known as life

  2. You've done an awesome job with that "little" boy, Mama. So proud of you both!

  3. this is perfect! i've heard that with boys, they open up more when you're side-by-side. girls/womenfolk open up more face-to-face. i've found the side thing works when talking to husbands too.
    i just love this post. jack is one of my fave boys and i always feel lucky when i get to chat with him for a few minutes.