Sunday, January 3, 2010

The shimmer I've missed...

My littlest son came up to me today and gave me a hug. He looked up at me and said, "Remember, I'll always be in your heart." How awesome and sweet is the mind of a child... Why do we lose that sweetness? Life gets hard, and so do our personalities. We sharpen our daggers and our tongues. Everything gets a little less shine as we grow, as do we. The miracle of it all, is a good sweat makes us shine again. Not just with sweat, but from the inside we glow. For the enlightened ones, the world starts to seem a bit brighter. The worst part of the day even has a glimmer of hope after a good sweat. This is what we crave and need to actually live each day. We all exist, but very few people choose to live everyday. The bottled sunshine achieved through a good workout is our fountain of youth. No pharmaceutical company has managed to capture this gift in a bottle. It is a gift we can only give ourselves.

The problem lies in the basics of this... we have to do it for ourselves. How often are you first in your life? I have a long list of people I put ahead of me on the long list of priorities. And I have kept these other people at the front of the line for many years. To find the time for myself? Impossible. Right? I mean, everyone needs me! How pretentious am I to think I can't be replaced and my family can't survive without me for even a twenty minute run. I keep going out on these runs, and I keep coming home to happy, healthy kids and a husband who manages to find ways to survive. I am the only person in this lifetime who is willing or able to put me first. I am the only one able to give myself the gift of an after run shimmer (not to be confused with the other after-glow, that's an entirely different blog). I must help everyone understand todays enlightenment.. we have to understand this and remember it when life gets hectic again. No matter how dark and dreary each day gets, I can make a little part shine by sweeping away the cobwebs and lacing up my shoes.

I hope you shine today!

In happiness,


  1. Can you point me to that other blog your reference?

  2. should consider keeping all these blogs and publishing a book at the end of it. I love the things you have to say because they are realistic without being vague or "over the top". What a great idea!! Hugs, Chris

  3. I'm with you -- too long of just letting things happen around me. I've also chosen to concentrate on me this year (actually started in mid November -- down about 5 lbs.), and it's amazing how it helps your outlook and gets you through the day. Allowing time for me each day and making healthy choices -- one small step at a time leads to big life-long changes....Carol K.

  4. God I need help achieving that outlook. I am still at the bottom of my list. I really need to get my head out of my ^?* and follow your lead. Thanks for the encouragement!