Sunday, January 3, 2010

Running: To start your sweaty quest

Here's the schedule I used to start running. Moving your feet at any speed faster than a walk is sufficient to begin with! I do recommend THE COMPLETE BOOK OF RUNNING FOR WOMEN by Claire Kowalchik... the book truly allows me to run again.

Week 1: Walk four minutes, run two minutes, repeat 4 times. Do this 4 days this week. (Use your rest days earlier in the increase; such as: your first run is on a Sunday, rest on Monday, run Tuesday, rest Wed, run Thursday and Friday, rest Saturday to prepare for the next time increase...).

Week 2: Walk three minutes, run three minutes, repeat 4 times. Do this 4 days this week...

Weeks 3-10 coming soon.. just focus on these two weeks for now! Make each week a goal and meet your challenge!

This schedule will be 10 weeks long and you will be able to run, at a good pace, for 30 minutes at the end.

What you eat does matter!!! Make sure you are putting food and beverages in your body that fuel your new lifestyle! The entire purpose of food is to fuel your body. Use this to your advantage.. I love protein drinks now because of how they make me feel and preform on my runs. I use the Arbonne Figure 8 chocolate protein shakes (I can order them for you at my discount if you do want to use them and are on this challenge!) because they are all natural and vegan. I stopped eating all meats after watching Food, Inc. months ago... Anyway, I also love Mix1 drinks you can find at Dierbergs.. I have great runs with those too. My husband swears by Muscle Milk. Any way you choose to fuel, be sure to fuel correctly from the very beginning. It will make the entire process easier. AND HYDRATE! Water is calorie free, fat free, and not optional if you want to get healthy.

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  1. The Complete book of Running for Women is a favorite on my shelf, too. Another great book is Marathoning for Mortals, by John "The Penguin" Bingham. To get enough water during the day, I try to fill my glass everytime my kids ask for a drink. :)